Signature Foliage 

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Enhancing Your Environment 


​Signature Foliage provides exterior landscaping services that range from ground maintenance to seasonal color design and maintenance.  We draw from our experience to working with a broad range of clients that include homeowner associations, hotels, public spaces, retail centers, and private residences. Our main objective is to appreciate your landscape investment by providing quality care and sustainable landscape renovations and enhancements.

Orchid Arrangements:

Experience color year round with our unique orchids and bromeliad arrangements that will bring the tropics indoors to brighten any home or office

Holiday Decorations:

The Holidays season is the festive time of year to dazzle with color and celebrate tradition. Our Holiday services include:

  • Christmas tree installaton 
  • Christmas tree decorating
  • Take down and green recycling desposal
  • Wreaths and Garlins 
  • Poinsettias
  • Holiday Lighting


​Along with the visual beauty that interior planting provide, there is plentiful research that shows live plants remove toxins from the air and have the environmental features and attributes that support habitability and thereby, cultivates positive moods and well-being

Let signature foliage add value to your space be having out team design landscaping and choosing pots and containers that are unique and specific to your taste, and also care for your planting with out guaranteed maintenance.

Full Interior Service and Horticultural Care Includes:

  • Design 
  • Watering 
  • Leaf shining and dusting 
  • Guaranteed replacements 
  • Installation
  • Fertilizing 
  • ​Pruning